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VCI Anti Corrosion Paper

VCI anti corrosion paper, or volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) coated paper is made from high-quality anti-rust base paper and specialized VCI liquids using special technologies. VCI particles begin to sublimate at normal temperatura and pressure within the paper. This then forms a thin invisible laye ron the Surface of the metal to protect it from corrosion.

Shinyue offers 3 types of VCI anti corrosion paper to customers according to various metals:
-Copper corrosion protection VCI paper: protection against oxidation of copper products
-Alloy metal anti corrosion VCI paper: protects alloy products from corrosion
-Ferrous metal VCI antirust paper: defends against corrosion of various auto parts and other ferrous metal products

Our VCI anti corrosion papers can be used as coated paper and film for moisture and oil protection. VCI anti corrosion papers can also be used as shields, covers and liners.

automobile, mechanical and electrical products manufacturing, electronics, shipbuilding, high-speed train components and military products.

-VCI anti corrosion paper could protect steel, cast iron, chrome, copper, brass and zinc for a long period of time.
-VCI anti corrosion paper is odorless, safe and leaves no residue.
-VCI anti corrosion paper is recyclable and repulpable.
-VCI anti corrosion paper is convenient to use, ready to apply right after removal from the package.
-VCI anti corrosion paper has good tensile strength.
-VCI anti corrosion paper is abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant.

How to purchase
We offer VCI anti corrosion paper in rolls or fixed-size papers according to customer needs.

Shinyue specializes in VCI packaging field, a leading VCI anti corrosion paper manufacturer and supplier. As VCI paper is volatile corrosion inhibitor paper, we offer VCI antirust paper sheet and paper rolls for industrial metal packaging, good in protection of the surface the ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal away from rust. Complete equipment with range from coating, winding and precision slitting, make us provide quality cost effective VCI corrosion prevention paper and film as well as custom in metal antirust packaging solutions.

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