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VCI Rust Prevention Bags

VCI rust prevention bags provide a convenient packaging and corrosion resistant protection for ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, and polymetallic products during shipping and storage processes.

During VCI rust prevention bag working processes, VCI particles protect metals against corrosion by forming an invisible, protective layer on the surface. This layer inhibits the electrochemical corrosion process caused by moisture, oxygen, and contaminants in the atmosphere.

During the working process of VCI rust prevention bags, VCI particles protect metals from corrosion by forming an invisible layer on the surface. This layer inhibits the electrochemical corrosion process caused by moisture, oxygen and contaminants in the atmosphere.

We add antistatic additives to our VCI rust prevention bags according to specific customer needs, making our VCI rust prevention bags applicable to the packaging of integrated circuit boards, printed circuit boards, communication equipment, electronic instruments, and more.
VCI rust prevention bags are made from standard or enhanced VCI rust prevention sheeting. Bag types include VCI flat bags, VCI gusseted bags, flat bottom bags and more.

Based on standard VCI rust prevention sheeting, we produce heavy-duty VCI sheeting to improve both the strength and barrier properties by adding a fabric enhanced layer. Enhanced VCI rust prevention bags are suitable for packaging and sealing of metal products that require long term protection and storage, such as light and heavy duty products in metallurgy, machinery, appliances, aerospace and shipbuilding industries due to its tensile strength and shock resistance.

Model Type Typical applications Specifications
VCIF Standard type Rust preventive packaging for conventional metal parts Customized according to customer specification (non-standard)
A-VCIF Enhanced Rust preventive packaging for high barrier requirements

1. We produce ICI bags with antistatic agents according to your specific needs;
2. Duration varies due to usage, environment, and packaged goods: normally between 5 months ~ 3 years
3. We can customize the VCI rust prevention bag size according to customer needs.
4. Thickness: standard type VCI rust prevention bags: 2μ~8μ; heavy-duty VCI bags: 2μ~10μ;
5. Bag mouth width: ≤1.5m;
6. Custom patterns and logos available


1. It is necessary to ensure that packaged products are clean and rust free, with no exposure to other corrosive chemical materials on the product surface before packaging.
2. During the packaging process, the temperature of packaged products and the surrounding environment should remain constant through the entire operation.
3. When packaged products are large-scale equipment, large box inner packaging or intensive products, we recommend using VCI material such as rust prevention paper, rust prevention bags, rust prevention powder and other rust prevention materials.
4. No barrier should exist between the packaged products and the rust prevention paper, such as a paper pad, protective bag or plastic board. It should also be noted that other paper types and wooden material should not come into direct contact with the packaged products.
5. Users wear gloves through the entire operation process in order to prevent corrosion caused by sweat or other skin oils.
6. The packaging antirust paper should not remain exposed to open air for long periods of time before use. After packaging, the packaging container should be sealed as soon as possible using a heat seal, adhesive tape, or cable tie. Any remaining anti-rust paper should be resealed in an enclosed space.

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