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VCI Anti Corrosion Film

Welcome to our VCI film exhibition hall!
Your products are often stored in warehouses, containers, and other sites out of your control for long periods of time. Sometimes, this can lead to the products being exposed to corrosive elements in soil, water, and the air.
The solution lies in VCI film!

VCI anti corrosion film uses polyethylene as its base material, a vapor phase inhibitor, and other additive compounds. The film is processed using specialized extrusion equipment, and the finished film features good gasification and barrier properties. VCI anti corrosion film is one of the most effective anti-corrosion packaging material solutions for products in the metallurgy industry. After the anti-corrosion paper is sealed by the film, VCI particles begin to sublimate at room temperature and pressure within the package. Then a thin invisible layer on the surface of metals is formed to effectively prevent corrosion. VCI anti corrosion film features transparency, barrier properties, long service life, and convenience.

VCI anti corrosion film is used to protect metals including steel, copper, copper alloys, and galvanized steel sheets. It is often used in electronics, electrical engineering, instruments, micro motors, and military applications.

VCI Corrosion Protection film
Our VCI corrosion protection film is eco-friendly, recyclable, convenient to use, odorless and safe. Its transparency ensures good visibility of the packaged goods. We offer VCI corrosion protection films with various thicknesses. We also provide antistatic VCI corrosion protection film to pack products sensitive to static electricity buildup.

General VCI corrosion protection film: applicable for the protection of polymetallic products such as (galvanized) steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and cast iron.
Antistatic VCI corrosion protection film: applicable for packaging, storing and transporting electronic components and products which are sensitive to static buildup and discharge.

Our VCI corrosion protection film can be made into sheets, VCI flat bags, flat bottom bags, VCI gusseted bags, etc.
We also offer VCI stretch films in rolls rather than sheets and bags to customers.

VCI Rust Prevention Sheeting
Our VCI rust prevention sheet comes in two types: standard type VCI rust prevention sheet and enhanced VCI rust prevention sheet. VCI rust prevention sheet is applied as shrouds, covers and liners for metal products to protect parts of polymetallic products, machining and casting parts from corrosion.

Antistatic VCI rust prevention sheets meet the needs of packaging and storing electronic components.
We can customize VCI rust prevention sheets according to your requirements of length and width and the maximum width is 3-meters.
You can choose the color of VCI rust prevention sheeting: light blue or light yellow (convenient for checking on the packaging products).

VCI Rust Prevention Bags
Our VCI rust prevention bags have different types and sizes, including VCI flat bags, VCI gusseted bags, flat bottom bags and etc.
VCI rust prevention bags are convenient to use and widely used for protecting and packaging polymetallic products or as the liner in packaged boxes.
We can customize VCI rust prevention bags according to your requirements. The width is within 2 meters.
Light blue or light yellow is available for you to choose from.

Industrial VCI anticorrosion film and VCI bags are an ideal corrosion protection packaging choice often used in the automobile manufacturing, mechanical and electrical product manufacturing, military manufacturing and more.
1. Automobile manufacturing industry: engine parts (crank shaft, cylinders, camshaft, flywheel), steel body stamping parts, pressure plate, cover and assembly of clutch, gas generator used for the airbag, transmission components, turbocharger.
2. Mechanical and electrical products: motor rotor and stator, precision motor housing, powder metallurgical components, precision bearing, elevator parts, and precision slide rail screw.
3. Equipment manufacturing: wind power equipment, precision machine tool, rubber and plastic devices, printing machinery, high-end storage facilities.
4. Electronics manufacturing industry: computer hard disk, computer case, power supply unit, battery shell, stamping parts
5. Other industries: shipbuilding industry, parts of high speed trains and military products.

Comparison between VCI anticorrosion and other general rust prevention methods
Anticorrosion method Advantages Disadvantage
Antirust oil/ butter Inexpensive 1. Extra treatment procedures and cleanliness required
2. Influences the quality of rubber, polyethylene and other similar products.
3. Causes severe pollution
4. Increases the cost of equipment
5. The rust prevention effect is easily influenced by temperature and external conditions.
Vacuum package /inert gas 1. Excellent antirust effect
2. No need to clean
3. Can be used for non-metallic products
1. Expensive packaging equipment is needed.
2. Easy to break during transportation.
3. Unable to be used for large product sizes
4. Require higher packaging techniques.
5. Higher packaging cost
VCI anticorrosion 1. Permeability of areas that rust prevention oil cannot cover.
2. Different physical states make it easy to package, transport and store.
3. Easy to use with no need for cleaning or immersion
4. Cost effective and environmental corrosion protective method
Must be sealed in an enclosed space

Shinyue specializes in VCI packaging field, a leading VCI anti corrosion film manufacturer and VCI bag supplier. As VCI film is volatile corrosion inhibitor film, we offer industrial packaging VCI antirust film rolls for ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal surface protection. Complete equipment with range from coating, winding and precision slitting, make us provide quality cost effective antirust VCI film and bag rolls as well as custom metal antirust packaging solutions.

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