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Custom VCI Anticorrosion Film Manufacturing

We utilize internationally known, high quality PE particles as the raw materials, and a color master batch with an excellent aging resistance and color fading performance. We also use MLLDPE additives as a raw material in order to improve the puncture and tear resistance of the corrosion prevention film.

Our film blowing equipment uses an automatic constant temperature control system with a rotating cooling device, which can ensure the stability of plasticization and the molding process, as well as the uniformity of the film thickness. We use special screw plasticization and mold manufacturing techniques, ensuring the physical and chemical performance of our anti-corrosion films are outstanding.

The bag production and slitting procedure is computer controlled in order to achieve automatic temperature control, length setting, counting and other functions. The precision of the appearance size is controlled to within 1mm.

Our factory is equipped with a closed dust-free workshop, common to this industry. Each product undergoes a self-test and spot check to ensure the cleanliness and welding quality of finished products.

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