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Custom VCI Antirust Paper Manufacturing

VCI antirust paper uses high quality all-wood pulp and a rust prevention base paper as the base material in order to meet anti rust paper physical and chemical indexes.

A fully automatic precision coater ensures the coating uniformity and precision of the inhibitor and flatness of the paper. It also controls the quantity of inhibitors on the anti-rust paper.

A fully automatic high speed slitting machine can cut any material roll size for customers, as well as meet different roll core requirements.

A sheet flattening and slitting machine is able to carry out automatic feeding, flatting, cutting and counting, thus ensuring the appearance and performance of the antirust paper when it is cut into a single sheet from roll materials.

A precision cutting machine carries out automatic cutting with a precision of 1mm and the antirust paper will not be polluted during the cutting process.

We also achieve a strict, complete control of the moisture content index of the finished product by using an online quick detection system.

In order to protect our product from moisture during transportation, we use a plastic packaging film known for its outstanding sealing performance.

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