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Shinyue is dedicated to the design, development, production, sales and technical services of a wide array of VCI anti-corrosion products, offering the most cost effective packaging solutions.

    1. VCI Rust Prevention Sheeting
    2. VCI Rust Prevention Sheeting VCI rust prevention sheeting provides multifunctional anti-corrosion protection for ferrous metals and nonferrous metals during shipping and storage. It is an economical and highly efficient solution.
    1. VCI Rust Prevention Bags
    2. VCI Rust Prevention Bags VCI rust prevention bags provide a convenient packaging and corrosion resistant protection for ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, and polymetallic products during shipping and storage processes.
    1. VCI film Roll
    2. VCI film Roll VCI film roll is rolled into a tube shape or torn into a single layer and cut into a fixed VCI film sheet size and rolled only after the VCI film has extruded from the VCI film extrusion machine. VCI film is often divided into VCI film rolls and VCI tubing rolls.

Shinyue is a leading company in VCI packaging field and offering cost effective metal antirust packaging solutions in comparison with the common packaging methods. VCI is the abbreviation of volatile corrosion inhibitor, a type of corrosion inhibitor used for the protection of the surface the ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal away from rust, and we offer the VCI packaging products like VCI antirust paper, anticorrosion bag and protective VCI films. As we have raw materials with range from coating, winding and precision slitting, we can provide custom cut VCI corrosion prevention products in client needs.

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