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How do I understand the rusting process?
Nearly all metals are subject to rust or other corrosion, caused by either a chemical reaction or an electrochemical reaction between the metal and the environment. Metal corrosion directly lowers material performance, until ultimately it can no longer be used. Rusting of metal is also a spontaneous reaction when metal is exposed to air for long periods of time. From a thermodynamic view, the corrosion reaction is the transformation of high energy that is unstable, into low energy that is stable.

How do I correctly protect the metal from corrosion?
Once a metal corrodes, it is extremely difficult to reverse the effects unless a special technique is used to change the material performance so that it no longer is as easy to oxidize. Traditionally, it is only possible to inhibit the corrosion speed by changing the environment and contact medium of the metal in order to achieve a short term corrosion prevention in order to prevent further corrosion. Because of that, it is important to choose the correct method and corrosion prevention material from a professional source, before corrosion has a chance to set in.

Losses caused by metal corrosion
According to available data, about 100 million tons of metal are scrapped every year due to corrosion. This amounts to roughly 10 to 15% of all metal produced in the world. Monetary losses caused by metal corrosion in America alone amounted to nearly $70 billion in 1975, and in China, nearly 300 billion RMB in 2009 (roughly 2-4% of the GNP). Because of this, it is imperative to never ignore a company complaining of losses caused by metal corrosion.

What is VCI?
VCI is the abbreviation of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. As the name implies, VCI is a corrosion inhibitor with a volatile performance, making it a high-tech corrosion prevention product with different chemical material proportions and special manufacturing processes.

VCI Anticorrosion Principles
All VCI anticorrosion products feature a volatile performance. When it covers or comes into close contact with the metal, it will automatically release corrosion inhibiting particles based on the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment. These particles will fill the entire sealed packaging area and form a saturation concentration. Simultaneously, these chemical particles will produce a micro chemical reaction with the environment medium (such as vapor, oxygen or other chemical materials) in order to effectively reduce corrosiveness of the environment, and thus, protecting the metal against corrosion.

Features of VCI anticorrosion
1. Volatility

The largest advantage of VCI products is the volatile performance, which can automatically release corrosion inhibiting particles, and thus, protecting the metal against environmental corrosives.

2. Convenience
VCI products don't need relevant operation equipment during using. A relevant sealed packaging area is okay, and users can open the packaging for testing during the protective period.

3. Attractive appearance
The specialized base material of VCI products often features a clean, streamlined appearance, and most of our products allow for logos to be printed on them, in order to meet customer requirements and improve company product images.

4. Environmental
Most of our VCI anticorrosion products use a recyclable and environmentally friendly base materials, and all chemical materials meet ROUS requirements.

5. Economical
VCI product operation costs are low due to the lack of need for accessory equipment. This indirectly reduces accidental company losses by solving metal corrosion problems, which leads to an overall lower comprehensive usage cost.

6. Safety
Based on the metal performance and protective period, users should choose the correct VCI anticorrosion products, which feature a protective period ranging from 6 to 36 months.

How do I properly choose the right VCI anticorrosion product?
1. Based on the packaging metal material, choose relevant formulations.
2. Based on the corrosion protective period, choose suitable anticorrosion products and grade.
3. By analyzing the production procedure of packaging metal, users can ensure that the packaging metal and VCI products are compatible.
4. Based on the packaging requirement of finished products, choose the material and form of VCI anticorrosion products for the most cost effective method.

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